Conference Schedule





10.00 – 11.00: Registration

11.00 – 12.30: (LG02) Introduction

Plenary 1 (LG02): Anne Sauvagnargues (Paris 10) “Machine-image”

12.30 – 13.30: Lunch Break

Parallel sessions

13.30 – 14.50 (LG01): What is Thinking? Philosophy, Science, Art

Benoît Dillet (Kent) “What is Called Thinking?”

Stamatia Portanova (Birkbeck) “Philosophy and Science as Forms of Thought”


13.30 – 14.50 (LG02): Transdisciplinarity 1: Relation and Contamination

Spencer Roberts (Huddersfield & Hertfordshire) “Deleuze and the Aesthetics of Relation”

Amanda Núñez García (UNED Madrid) “The contamination of disciplines. The potency of thinking in the Deleuzian context.”


14.50 – 15.10 Break


Parallel Sessions

15.10 – 16.10 (LG01): Iain MacKenzie (Kent) “Events and the Critique of Ideology”

15.10 – 16.10 (LG02): Nathan Widder (Royal Holloway) “Philosophy must be an Ontology of Sense: Hegel and Deleuze.”


16.10 – 16.30: Break

16:30 – 18:00 (LG02): History of philosophy 1

Giuseppe Bianco (Warwick) “Philosophy and history of philosophy. Deleuze as a trainee guard of the epistemological borders”

Sjoerd van Tuinen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) “Deleuze’s Mannerist Portraiture in Philosophy”



09.00 – 10.00: Registration

Parallel sessions

10.00 – 11.20 (LG01): The Transcendental and Transdisciplinarity: Literature, Philosophy, Science

Emma Ingala (UCM Madrid) “Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better. The Role of Literature in Deleuze’s Transcendental Empiricism”

Cristina Pósleman (San Juan Argentina) “Art and Thought Within Thought”

11.20 – 11.50: Break

11.50 – 13.00 (LG01): Dror Yinon (Bar-Ilan University) “A sublime encounter: Deleuze’s reading of Kant”

David Allen (Warwick) “Modern Science, the End of Metaphysics and the Transdisciplinarity of Transcendental Philosophy”

10.00 – 11.20 (LG02): Transdisciplinarity 2: Philosophy, Science, Art

Marjorie Gracieuse (Warwick) “Immanence as differential material of human practices: on the distinction between transdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity’

Masa Kosugi (Goldsmiths) “Transdisciplinarity in Deleuze and Bergson”

11.20-11.50: Break

11:50 – 13.00 (LG02): Gavin Rae (American University of Cairo) “Independence, Alliance, Echo: Deleuze on the (Inter-) Relationship between Philosophy, Science, and Art”

Edward Willatt (Greenwich) “Architectonics without Foundations:  Understanding Transdisciplinarity in Deleuze and Guattari in Relation to the History of Philosophy”


13.00 – 14.00: Lunch Break


14.00 – 15.00:

Plenary 2 (LG02) : John Mullarkey (Kingston) and Laura Cull (Northumbria) “The Formula for ‘Philosophical Reversal’: Non-Art and Non-Philosophy in Deleuze, Kaprow, and Laruelle”


Parallel Sessions

15.00 – 16.00 (LG01): Patrice Maniglier (Essex) “Deleuze and Structuralism”

15.00 – 16.00 (LG02): Art Installation by Ryo Ikeshiro (Goldsmiths) and Inigo Wilkins (Goldsmiths)


16.00 – 17.00:

Plenary 3 (LG02): Jean-Claude Dumoncel (Caen) “Deleuze challenges Kolmogorov on a calculus of problems”



09.00 – 10.00: Registration

Parallel sessions

10.00 – 11.20 (LG01): Logic of Nonsense: Language, Logic, Politics

Helen Palmer (Goldsmiths) “From Neologism to Formalism: The Pitfalls of Cratylic Reasoning in Deleuzian Nonsense”

Guillaume Collett (Kent) “Deleuze, Spinoza, and Structuralism: Logic of Life.”

11.20 – 11.50: Break

11.50 – 13.00 (LG01): Djamel Benkrid (Paris 8) “The Question of Being in Deleuze’s Thinking”

Angelos Triantafyllou (Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) “Deleuze: Concept vs. Order-word”

Brian Smith (Dundee) “The Model Theoretic Ontology of Capitalism”

10.00 – 11.20 (LG02): Philosophy of History and Philosophy of Time

Craig Lundy (Exeter) “Deleuze and Guattari’s Historiophilosophy: Philosophical Thought and its Historical Milieu”

Vincent Jacques (Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture) “A Thousand Plateaus and Leroi-Gourhan”

11.20 – 11.50: Break

11.50 – 13.00 (LG02): Daniela Voss (Free University of Berlin) “Richard Dedekind’s impact on Deleuze’s static synthesis of time”

Tatsuya Higaki (Osaka University) “Time as Eternal Return and Betting, Deleuze and Kuki”


13.00 – 14.00: Lunch Break

Parallel sessions

14.00 – 15.20 (LG01): History of Philosophy 2: Case Studies

Christian Kerslake (Middlesex) “Deleuze on Rousseau and the General Will”

Simon Scott (Warwick) “Univocity and the Problem of Affirmation”

14.00 – 15.20 (LG02): Transdisciplinarity 3: Friendship and Negotiation

Andrew Goffey (Middlesex) “Negotiations and Deleuze’s Philosophical Practice”

Corrie Shores (Leuven) and Julie Van der Wielen (Leuven) “Kneading Friendship: Deleuze, Blanchot, and the Folding of Disciplines”


15.20 – 15.40: Break


15.40 – 17.00:

Plenary 4 (LG02): Eric Alliez (Kingston): “Ontology of the Diagram and Biopolitics of Philosophy: A research programme on Transdisciplinarity”